North Facing Probable Trip to UN Security Council

Chris Green  |  2012-12-06 12:10
North Korea will again be taken to the UN Security Council if, as is widely expected, it goes ahead with the launch of a long-range rocket later this month, according to U.S. State Department spokesperson Mark Toner.

Toner, who was speaking during a departmental briefing Wednesday, also attempted to counter concerns that there is not much more that can be done in terms of sanctions against Pyongyang.

If North Korea does, in fact, proceed with a launch, we would seek action by the UN Security Council, he announced, but Im not going to get into what that might be.

Nevertheless, Theres always ways to toughen enforcement of sanctions. They can always be tweaked or modified so that theres better enforcement of existing sanctions.

However, Toner also reminded reporters that the U.S., along with South Korea and Japan, is currently focused on attempting to forestall the launch, saying, We dont want to, obviously, talk about actions before theres been a launch. What were hoping to do is dissuade North Korea for carrying out this launch.

The Secretary [of State] has been very clear that they have an important choice to make, the leadership within North Korea, he went on. And to date, theyve consistently made the wrong choice, the wrong choice for the people of North Korea. But that doesnt mean were backing away from our very clear message to them that theres two paths here.

Theres a path of engagement with the outside world and theres the path theyre on, and the path theyre on is not going to get them anywhere where they need to go for the 21st century.
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