US-SK May Seek Policy of Internal Unrest

Mok Yong Jae  |  2013-02-21 01:45
Upcoming South Korea and U.S. policy toward North Korea could have the potential to aggravate conflict inside the country, Korea Institute for National Unification researcher Park Hyung Jung claimed today. However, he added that caution will be needed if such a policy is selected.

Park told an event focused on finding ways to counter the North Korean nuclear threat, Among the many elements of South Korea and U.S. policy targeting North Korea, it is highly likely that they will strengthen those promoting internal discord.

By taking measures that can improve the ability of the North Korean people to make contact with the outside, we need to demonstrate that we have the ability to aggravate North Koreas internal political difficulties, he went on. However, he cautioned, If this happens, North Korea will retaliate by stepping up their provocations against South Korea. Therefore, South Korea must prepare for this.

At the same event, Hong Hyun Ik of the Sejong Institute emphasized in his paper that South Korea must ensure that it maintains the military ability to attack North Korea in an effective way.

Hong asserted, To enhance South Koreas ability to attack North Korea, the 800km-range missile should be deployed quickly, we must enlarge our stocks of powerful weapons such as bunker buster bombs, and therefore we should also improve our weapons guidance systems.

He added, We must be ready to attack the Kim Jong Eun family, which is seen as the most valuable in North Korea, and must make the North Korean leadership recognize our readiness.
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