Defector Groups Stunned by Lee Revelations

Oh Se Hyeok  |  2013-08-30 14:00
The heads of three leading defector organizations have expressed astonishment at the Lee Seok Ki case currently unfolding in Seoul. Lee, a sitting lawmaker, and others from the minority Unified Progressive Party are accused of conspiring to stage a rebellion against the South Korean state.

Kim Heung Gwang, the director of North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, told Daily NK, Although there were these pro-North Korea leftists, I had thought that it was just the self-indulgent behavior of a few people and didnt take it very seriously. So yesterdays news was a real shock.

They said that in the event of a North Korean invasion they would seize important state infrastructure and the fundamentals of peoples lives and raze it all. This cuts to the very existence of the Republic of Korea, and must not be tolerated, he emphasized.

Hong Soon Kyung, who chairs the Committee for Democratization of North Korea, added, Hitherto I only knew general things about these pro-North groups and their activities in support of the enemy. But now Ive found that they said theyd prepare weapons for use in overthrowing the state. I cant believe someone wearing the badge of a National Assemblyman would say such a thing.

The heads were also critical of South Korea for failing to take action against pro-North elements before, and called for legal and social provision to halt their activities.

Pro-North forces getting into the National Assembly and an officially registered political party doing this means not only that they cannot be punished heavily, it is the same as indulging them, Choi Joo Hwal, who heads the Association of North Korean Defectors, said.

Pro-North factions must be completely eradicated before unification can be accomplished, Hong concluded. This is something that should have been done before, but we have to strengthen the law so that pro-North elements can no longer take a foothold.
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