NIS: Jang and His Men under Attack

Lee Sang Yong  |  2013-12-03 20:16
South Koreas state intelligence agency believes that Jang Sung Taek may have been removed from political power. It is alleged that some of his closest associates were also publicly executed, nominally for corruption.

Democratic Party lawmaker Jeong Cheong Rae conveyed the information today, citing a National Assembly Intelligence Committee briefing report in which the National Intelligence Service (NIS) declared, In mid-November two of Jang Sung Taeks right and left-hand men were publicly executed, and thereafter Vice-Chairman Jang disappeared from public view, before adding, It appears that Vice-Chairman Jang has lost his position.

The two men the report claims recently faced public execution are the first-vice and vice-directors of the Administrative Department of the Chosun Workers Party, Lee Yong Ha and Jang Su Gil.

According to the intelligence report, the North Korean authorities had been picking up evidence of corruption linked to Jangs associates within the Administrative Department since the beginning of the year. Lee Yong Ha and Jang Su Gil were eventually placed under internal investigation, before being charged with anti-party activities and executed.

In the aftermath of the demonstrative public executions, additional members of Jangs close group of affiliates have allegedly been censured, while follow-up measures are now underway, including ideological instruction emphasizing the requirement to show absolute loyalty to Kim Jong Eun.

In particular, the NIS says that the evidence currently available makes it increasingly likely that Jang has been removed from all his positions of political power, and that the functionality of the Administrative Department may have been dramatically reduced, or even dissolved.

According to an official from the intelligence authorities, news of the public executions has been checked with various sources and is thought to be accurate, although the precise timing of the events has not been verified.

Commenting on the case, senior Sejong Institute researcher Cheong Seong Chang told Daily NK earlier today, Jang Sung Taeks core aides were publicly executed for abusing their power, before adding, Jang will lose his authority, and it looks like he will be removed from all his posts: head of the Administrative Department, Vice-Chair of the National Defense Commission, Politburo Standing Committee member and the State Sports Guidance Commission [chairman].
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