Panetta: North Korea Is Direct Threat

Kim Tae Hong  |  2011-06-09 16:12
Leon Panetta, current Director of the CIA and the Obama administrations pick for Secretary of Defense, believes that North Koreas ballistic missile program, uranium enrichment and one million-strong military poses a growing and direct threat to the United States.

In response to written questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, Panetta also wrote, I intend to monitor the security situation closely and maintain the capabilities necessary to protect our interests, defend our allies, and deter North Korea.

Panetta added that there is a need for the United States to watch very carefully the development of North Koreas weapons of mass destruction, and that he would work closely with Americas allies to do so.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has called for North Korea to show restraint amid South Korean intelligence reports that it tested a KN-06 missile last week.

Mark Toner, spokesman for the US State Department, said that the United States has not yet confirmed the missile test, adding, however, I wouldnt read too much into these kinds of tests. Weve seen these kinds of tests before.
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