Flexibility Unmoved by Belligerence

Kim Tae Hong  |  2012-02-02 13:43
[imText1]Minister of Unification Ryu Woo Ik clarified yesterday that South Korea intends to persist with its flexible policy towards North Korea despite Pyongyang's deliberate, vocal inflexibility.

Speaking at a morning event sponsored by the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation at the Sejong Center in Seoul, Ryu said, To continue alleviating the difficulties of the North Korean people, we will continue with exchanges and cooperation for humanitarian support and to develop our people's homogeneity.

He went on, North Korea is two generations behind in terms of industrialization and globalization. If North Korea tries to recover its people's economy and takes the road of mutual coexistence, then we are more than willing to prepare to help.

Explicating an example, he explained, I heard news that tress around the Dongmyung Royal Tomb is being damaged by disease and insects. We are actively reviewing ways to prevent this.

Minister Ryu added, After the death of Chairman Kim Jong Il the uncertainty on the Korean Peninsula increased. Looked at differently, it can be seen as an opportunity to develop the Peninsula anew. It is North Koreas choice, to be willing to change and enter a dialogue.

I want to urge North Korea to throw away its closedness and provocative attitude and open itself up to roads of North-South reconciliation and cooperation.

Minister Ryu also moved to soothe North Korea's fears regarding the Key Resolve-Foal Eagle miltary exercises that begin on the 27th, saying, They are clearly defensive training. I hope North Korea does not misunderstand.

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