South Korean Delegation to Visit Kaesong

Kim Yong Hun  |  2012-02-06 15:42
The Ministry of Unification today revealed that consent has been obtained from the North Korean National Economic Cooperation Federation (NECF) that will allow lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties to visit the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Having received the expression of consent on the morning of the 5th, the group of lawmakers will now travel to Kaesong on the 10th, mainly for the purpose of hearing personally the troubles facing firms operating in the area.

The delegation consists of Kim Chung Hwan (Grand National Party), who heads the National Assembly Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee, Park Joo Sun (Democratic Unity Party), head of the Special Committee for the Development of Inter-Korean Relations and legislative members Nam Kyung PIl (GNP), Gu Sang Chan (GNP), Kim Dong Chul (DUP), Kim Sung Soo (GNP), Park Sunsook (DUP) and Lee Jung Hyun (GNP) a total of eight people.

The delegation will visit the Kaesong Industrial Complex to inspect infrastructure and meet with/visit the factories of companies operating there.

However, Kim Hyung Seok of the Ministry of Unification said while revealing the news, As of now, we have no plans to have contact with the North Korean authorities. Nonetheless, the South Korean government will be hoping that the visit will be taken as a symbol of its desire to improve inter-Korean relations.

Through this visit to Kaesong, we hope that the representatives of the South Korean people and both governments will cooperate to develop relations, and that this will offer an opportunity to work together, Kim explained.

The last similar visit by a lawmaker to the complex was that of then-GNP Chairman Hong Joon Pyo at the end of September last year.
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