Arrest for Incense Memorial to Kim Jong Il

Park Seong Guk  |  2012-02-08 17:06
An arrest warrant was today issued for the leader of pro-North Korea organization who led an attempt to set up an incense memorial to Kim Jong Il in the heart of Seoul, and the individual arrested.

Judge Lee Suk Jeon of Seoul Central District Court issued the warrant against one Yoon (53), a member of the Committee for the Promotion of Our Peoples Federalist Unification, for producing and distributing pamphlets praising and encouraging pro-North Korea activities.

Judge Lee also issued an arrest warrant on the 6th to Lee (49) on similar charges.

The two tried to create the incense memorial in the middle of Seoul following the death of Kim Jong Il, while they are also said to be guilty of continuously distributing information both on and offline praising North Korea.

The warrants were issued because the two men are considered to be a flight risk.

Meanwhile, a request for an arrest warrant against Kim (57) was dismissed for lack of evidence.
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