Has Kim Jong Nam Thrust Himself into Penury?

Mok Yong Jae  |  2012-02-17 13:31
The Russian weekly magazine Arguments and Facts has reported that Kim Jong Nam is in such financial difficulty that he was recently thrown out of a Macau hotel after being unable to pay his bill.

The magazine asserted, Not long ago, Kim Jong Nam was kicked out of the luxurious Grand Lapa Hotel because he lacked the cash to pay for his room. According to someone involved, Kim was kicked out of the 17th floor room because he was $15,000 in arrears.

Kim Jong Nam had left his gold card with the hotel, but there was no money on it, the magazine also went on to claim.

Analyzing the situation, the magazine pondered whether Kim has been cut off by the regime of Kim Jong Eun due to recent publicity surrounding some scathing comments he made during a published exchange of e-mails with the editor of a Japanese newspaper.

The magazine also asserts that although Kim Jong Nam rents an apartment in Macau, he prefers to stay at the luxury hotel.
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