Ha Tae Kyung to Stand in Busan

Cho Jong Ik  |  2012-03-02 15:51
Ha Tae Kyung, the president of Open Radio for North Korea, registered as a Saenuri Party parliamentary candidate in his hometown of Busan today, launching his formal political career.

Ha is registered in the same ward in the city where actor-turned-activist Mun Seong Geun, the son of deceased pastor Mun Ik Hwan, is standing for the opposition Democratic United Party. Ha has a history of civic activism together with Pastor Mun, another factor adding spice to the competition.

The parliamentary elections are not a mere prelude to the presidential election, Ha commented after filing his registration papers today. It is a competition over vision and policy to see who can revive Busan, and who is the right man to develop Buk-Kangseo B Ward.

Above all, new leadership is needed to lead us in the rapidly reforming and changing international economy, Ha went on. I am standing in my hometown to recover Busans reputation and Busans pride.

Busan, like much of North and South Gyeongsang Province, is a stronghold of the conservative right, but is a place in which the liberal left believes it can make headway in the coming legislative elections due to lingering resentment over a number of perceived ruling party failures in the region, including the loss of a proposed airport.
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