Wu Drops in on Pyongyang

Oh Se Hyek  |  2014-03-18 14:03

Chinas chief Six-Party Talks negotiator arrived in North Korea yesterday for his first visit of the calendar year, according to Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA).

Wu Dawei, Chinese government special envoy for Chosun Peninsula issues, and his party arrived in Pyongyang on the 17th, the brief KCNA dispatch announced. There was no additional information on the purpose of Wus visit.

Significant progress on denuclearization dialogue is not expected in the immediate term. North Korea has recently been driving up local tensions with a series of 25 short-range rocket launches from its East Sea coast around Wonsan. At the same time, Pyongyang has been engaging Japan and to a lesser extent South Korea in conciliatory dialogue, while there has been no movement on the kind of sincere actions toward denuclearization that the United States and its regional allies have been pushing for.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry did not comment on Wus bilateral visit in a regular ministry briefing yesterday, but did call for a reduction of the current tensions with relation to North Koreas string of rocket launches.

Wu Dawei last visited Pyongyang in November 2013.

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