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"The Government Must Protect Personal Security of Choi Sung Yong"

Popular Sentiment, Human Rights NGOs All in One Voice
Lee Hyun Ju, Reporter  |  2005-10-05 22:22
[imText1]The voice is raising urging for the government protection for Choi Sung Ryong, president of the Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea, who had recently been warned of terror attack from North Korea.

President Choi have been warmed of terror attacks a number of times before from the government intelligence group, but the recent warning was a very serious one unlike the ones before.

The Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet, President Han Ki Hong) gave a statement, urging for adequate and active governemt involvement to stop the threat of terror attack from the North Korean government.

Nknet stated, The worrisome situation of now is inevitable for Mr. Choi Sung Ryong is exposed to utmost threat of terrorist attack, and the possibility of realization such a threat is now higher ever.

Followingly, it added, We will never silence about Kim Jong Il regimes coward action of responding to the Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea and the organizations president Choi Sung Ryongs voicing out of send all the abductees back to home with terror attacks.

South Korean domestic newpapers all included comlumns urging for the active government involvement.

The South Korean Government, Admitting its Incapability

Chosun Ilbo, the nations most read newspaper criticized on October 4, The government must send a firm warnin to the North Korean government. If the government tells President Choi Sung Ryong to be careful while it cannot tell the North Korean government a word, it would be admitting that it is incapable of protecting its own citizens.

DongA Ilbo, one of the nations leading newspapers criticized the North Korean government on the same day by saying, When South Korea offered to raise amount of aid in multiple fold of that of the international society in unconditional base, the North is even denying the rescue activities of the international organizations. In the midst of such a situation, there is no way that North Korea will seriously respond to the demands for the return of the abductees to North Korea and POWs.

In addition, The National Intelligence Service avoids reponsibility saying Mr. Choi must be under the police protection which the police say we have never been ordered of his personal protection and is avoiding to take any responsibiltiy. This is very irresponsible attitude toward protecting its own citizens as though it is none of their business.

Kukmin Ilbo and Segye Ilbo each said in their coloumns, reported, North Korea must participate in the humanitarian activities instead of persuing fraud and stobborness, and while the government cannot even realize return of the abductees, it must not try to restrict president Chois activities using threat of his personal security as a tool.
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