Mourning Period Plans on Show

Kim Kwang Jin  |  2012-12-10 10:01
The North Korean authorities have issued regulations prohibiting things including the drinking of alcohol during the period December 7th to 18th, the designated mourning period for the 1st anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il.

A source from northerly Hoiryeong told Daily NK late last week, They declared that a nationwide period of mourning would occur this month, and that came with a list of regulations. Cell phone usage, alcohol consumption, traditional ceremonies, gambling and games are all included on it.

In addition, the source said, Since the day the mourning period was declared there have been lectures and meetings during which people from the Party Propaganda and Agitation Department have been discussing the greatness of Kim Jong Il, then getting people to memorize information on the moral virtue of the General. There have been Q&A-style tests on that.

The schedule for events on December 17th has also been partially announced, the source added. Between 10AM and midday a memorial ceremony in Pyongyang will be televised nationwide, followed by a few moments of silence. In the afternoon there will be regional ceremonies, while people will be expected to pay their respects before statues of the leaders or so-called towers of eternal life. Chosun Central TV will then repeat coverage of the Pyongyang ceremony in the evening.

The authorities have also been using the opportunity offered by the mourning period to reinforce the need for loyalty to Kim Jong Eun.

The source said, The authorities are promoting the idea that we are happy because the General is on the frontline of all our difficulties, while also saying, On this, the first anniversary of the Generals passing, lets produce results to make Marshal Kim Jong Eun happy.
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