Singer Hyon Song Wol involved with father not son

Choi Song Min  |  2015-12-28 11:23
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In the wake of North Korean girl group Moranbongs pullout from a performance in China, evidence has emerged that the bands leader Hyon Song Wol is not Kim Jong Uns former flame, but was actually his fathers mistress.    

In a telephone call with the Daily NK on December 24th, an inside source from South Pyongan Province said, We have confirmation from numerous high-level cadres. Around 2005, Hyon Song Wol performed a riveting performance of the song Junma Cheonyeo [Excellent, Horse-like Lady or Well-Bred Horse Maiden] as a member of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble. Numerous Party cadres have confirmed that after being captivated by the sultry songstress, Kim Jong Il took Hyon Song Wol as his last paramour.   

A source in the same province as well as an informant in North Pyongan Province substantiated these claims. 

From these sources, he asserted, there is no evidence to support the assertion that the globetrotting singer was Kim Jong Uns first girlfriend. The cadres agree that around the year 2000, "Kim Jong Il began his relationship with Hyon Song Wol in some form."

It is said that Kim Jong Il built the Mansudae Performing Art Theater in Pyongyang in order to honor his former lover and Mansudae Art Troupe dancer/actor Ko Young Hee. After Ko Young Hee passed away, Kim Jong Il diverted his amorous attentions to Hyon Song Wol. He installed Hyon Song Wols Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble in the Mansudae Performing Art Theater and moved the Mansudae Art Troupe to East Pyongyang Grand Theater. 

At the height of its popularity in 2008, Hyon Song Wol was set to perform Excellent, Horse-like Lady, at North Koreas Foundation Day 60th Anniversary celebration at the Arirang Theater. While rehearsing, Kim Jong Il personally instructed his workers to add more emphasis in the background card section to ensure that Excellent, Horse-like Lady, really stood out. This was reportedly Kim Jong Ils birthday gift to her, the source explained. 

Of course Pyongyang cadres were whispering about the relationship, but even senior officials in the countryside were taken aback by the singer being featured on the background cards at the Foundation Day celebrations. They said that a line had been crossed. The fact that the band wears the epaulets of a colonel is said to be due to Kim Jong Ils deep involvement. 

The source wondered aloud, If Hyon Song Wol was really Kim Jong Uns former lover, dont you think he would have transferred her to another band when his affections heated up for Ri Sol Ju? The fact that Hyon Song Wol remains as the bands leader is testament to the fact that she was not Kim Jong Uns former lover, but his fathers.   

The Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble added a number of superior singers to their ranks in later years, but Kim Jong Il issued an order for Chosun Central TV to continually air the songs that featured Hyon Song Wol, including Excellent, Horse-like Lady, Whistling Bachelor, and The Future is Beautiful. 

This extra attention had much to do with the singers rise to stardom. Even today when Hyon Song Wol appears on television, cadres with the Central Party and ordinary residents alike refer to her as The Generals (Kim Jong Il) girlfriend, he noted.

At this point, there is very little to support the theory that she was Kim Jong Uns first lover. Anyone suggesting as much is revealing that they dont actually know very much about Kim Jong Ils relationship history.   

*Translated by Jonathan Corrado

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