[Photo] North Korean shellfish for sale in Yanji despite sanctions

Kim Sung Il  |  2018-01-02 15:22
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A number of vendors in Yanji (Jilin Province), China, are openly selling North Korean seafood, despite this year's UN Security Council Resolution 2371 banning the North from exporting such goods. 

"Although North Korean marine products started disappearing after the sanctions passed in August, they have been slowly returning. Scallops, clams, and other shellfish are now being openly sold in Yanji," a source in China reported to Daily NK on December 26.

The fact that these goods are being transported to China in the absence of refrigeration shows that trade links remain strong between the two sides.
A separate source in China added, "These products are being smuggled, not shipped through customs. Although volumes are smaller now due to the smuggling process, it's still significant."
Many North Koreans see the resumption of trade through smuggling as a necessity. In one market in Yanji, products were found being sold around 30 yuan cheaper than the usual 40-80 yuan (with price range depending on quality) per 500 grams.

The North Korean authorities may have little choice but to find ways to smuggle their goods in order to contribute "loyalty payments" to the regime.
"The people of Yanji are once again able to enjoy cheap, fresh seafood from North Korea, and instead of reporting it to the authorities, the client base is only growing," the first source concluded. 

*Translated by Colin Zwirko

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