Cameramans Achilles Heels Severed on Spy Charges for Video Documenting a North Korean Jangmadang

Namgung Min  |  2007-10-01 12:06
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[imText1]A North Korean citizen who tried to capture the North Korean jangmadang (market) on a video camera was arrested by the National Security Agency and received the cruel punishment of having his achilles heels severed, reported Free North Korea Broadcasting (Free NK) on the 28th.

Free NK relayed that Mr. Shim, who was investigated for a month in closed confinement at the National Safety Agency for a cell-phone usage in August, heard the news about the NSA's torture of Huh Sang Chul (35), whom he had met at the same detention house.

According to Mr. Shim, Huh was arrested while filming at the Hoiryeong Jangmadang in mid July. While being investigated for over a month, the broadcast reported that he confessed to filming the lives of average civilians and the market and to selling the images.

The Agency speculated that he had used other video cameras to photograph many images and while conducting an intense high-level investigation, obstinately cross-examined Huh in pursuit of background information regarding his activities.

As a result, Huh, unable to endure the torture, confessed to how a Korean-Chinese citizen had given him the camera and had requested the filming. Huh reveiled the person's cell phone number and method by which they met, reported Free NK.

In order to allure and arrest the Korean-Chinese contact, the Hoiryeong Security Agency used Huh's phone to call and set up a meeting time; however, the Korean-Chinese party detected foul play and covered his tracks, relayed Free NK.

The Security Agency, after its failure to arrest the Korean-Chinese citizen, charged Huh with the crimes of accepting the mission of an enemy spy and of handing over national secrets after filming and retaliated by severing the tendons of both of his ankles so that he can never walk again.

According to Shim, Huh became completely crippled after his torture and cannot even go to the bathroom by himself, reported Free NK.
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