Kim Jong Il: War Is a Must

Choi Cheong Ho and Jeong Jae Sung  |  2011-05-30 08:46
[imText1]Yanji, China -- So long as we want to knock the American imperialists down and unify the fatherland, we must carry out a decisive battle at least once with the enemy.

This quote is contained in a new document for public lectures which The Daily NK recently obtained. According to the document, it is a direct quotation from Kim Jong Il. It asserts Kim has also said, At the decisive stage of liquidating the past, a stage which is now coming closer, we have to establish Battle Mobilization Footing in all sections and keep strong ideas of fighting against the enemy.

The document points to the governments of the U.S., Japan and South Korea as the warmongers and emphasizes that, therefore, North Korea must deal with them not with words, but with guns.

The document was produced by the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Central Committee of the Party in October, 2010 and spread via lectures in work places and municipal Party organizations during last year's winter drill.

It also stresses, We must be equipped with political, ideological and military technical preparations so that we can crush the enemy with a single stroke at any provocation, while maintaining a tense situation at all times and the determination to launch a righteous attack on the enemys stronghold with our very lives.

In addition, it says, Liquidating the past with the enemy of the proletariat class, including the rubbery American imperialists, is our national assignment; to pay back the cost in blood our people bled a hundred thousand times and wage a sacred struggle to guarantee our peoples happy lives by rooting out the foundations of war from this soil and succeeding in reunification.

In the document there are detailed explanations as to why the people should establish Battle Mobilization Footing.

With respect to the great famine of the mid-1990s, it says, Due to the vicious isolation and suppressive maneuvers of the American imperialists and all kinds of enemies, our people had to suffer another March of Tribulation, just like a war.

With Kim Jong Ils quotation, Presently on the Chosun Peninsula, due to the anti-socialist and anti-Republic maneuvers of the ruling factions of the U.S. and South Chosun, tension has been mounting and the risk of war raised," it declared again the Cheonan sinking as a fabrication and U.S.-South Korea joint military drills such as Ulchi Freedom Guardian as military provocations.

Through this and similar documents and lectures, the North Korea authorities raise a warlike atmosphere by spreading the belief that war is a must and that the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from the South is a pressing assignment.

This document also shows that North Koreas international isolation and economic difficulties, all of which were primarily caused by the Kim Jong Il regimes incompetence and irresponsibility, are being used to unite society by shifting the blame onto the international community. Additionally, it confirms that the peaceful nuclear program or peace treaty which Kim Jong Il declares to be crucial when speaking in the international arena are political strategies.
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