Kim Jong Il Remebrance Meetings Added to the Mix

Kang Mi Jin  |  2012-02-09 16:40
The North Korean authorities are busy creating the right atmosphere for the first February 16th since Kim Jong Il passed away in December, with the media conveying news of key loyalty gatherings held around the nation while also reporting news of upcoming events.

Of course, every year North Korea demands that the people take part in gatherings to sing songs of loyalty, various contests, documentary film and literature study sessions and memorial lectures. This year, it is Kim Jong Il Remebrance Meetings which have been added to the already burgeoning schedule.

A source from Shinuiju in North Pyongan Province told the Daily NK today, On top of all the previous events, this year they are holding Kim Jong Il remembrance meetings at all levels of enterprise and organization.

They have always harassed us every year at the time of the birthday, so now people are complaining openly that the authorities have just added more to the annoyance of attending, she went on.

The new Kim Jong Il remembrance meeting is reportedly a gathering featuring people who have met Kim testifying to his greatness, boundless love etc. The authorities are making people participate, the source said.

Meanwhile, news of one of the most prominent loyalty gatherings emerged on the 6th in Rodong Shinmun. According to the piece, young people from all over the nation are gathering at Mt. Baekdu to swear allegiance to Kim Jong Eun saying, Respected comrade Kim Jong Eun is the banner of the victory and glory of military-first Chosun and the core of our solidarity, and we will become shields, defending him with our very lives.

To be chosen as a member of the group of youngsters sent to Mt. Baekdu for the event is considered to be very lucky. Those chosen are exemplary in their school study of the Kim family and fiercely loyal to the regime.

The group travel together by train from Hyesan in Yangkang Province to the village of Rimyungsu and from there to Samjiyon, where North Korean mythology has it that Kim Jong Il was born in 1942.
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