2 Rogue Agents Returned to North

Park Seong Guk  |  2012-04-30 16:24
It has been confirmed that two armed members of the North Korean equivalent of the police who crossed into Changbai, China on or around April 23rd were arrested by Chinese border security forces on the evening of the 27th and repatriated the following day.

An inside North Korean source who spoke with Daily NK today explained, The two arrested Peoples Safety Ministry agents were brought back through Hyesan Customs House on the morning of a couple of days ago, adding that North Korean military personnel dispatched to track them down had returned with them in their charge.

According to a second source, the two men were captured in the mountains some distance from the city proper. "They were surrounded by the border forces, and captured before they could fire a shot," the source confirmed.

As a result, the state of emergency declared in Changbai County was withdrawn on the same day, meaning that checkpoints established to try and track the men were also dismantled.
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