Chosun Shinbo, the Declaration to End the War Is Inevitable

Namgung Min  |  2007-11-05 01:00
[imText1]Chosun Shinbo, the journal of Chongryon (General Association of North Korean Residents in Japan), which represents the position of the North Korean regime, reported on the 1st of November that It is an inevitable course to discuss the matter of ending the Korean War when implementation of the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement begins.

The reason why National Defense Chairman Kim Jong Il suggested to the U.S. making a declaration to end the Korean War is because he anticipated the 2nd phase of implementation of the Joint Statement and all that follows, added Chonsun Shinbo.

According to the Chosun Ilbos report, the North Korean regime wants the declaration to end the Korean War to be made immediately following the disablement of its nuclear program, by the end of this year. This means that carrying out the declaration can be hastened with agreement from the U.S., although the timing of the declaration has not been formally announced.

Affiliates of the Blue House and the director of the National Intelligence Service think that it is as suitable a time as ever for a declaration ending the Korean War to be made, despite the U.S. proposed condition that all nuclear programs must be disabled beforehand.

Chosun Shinbo revealed the strong intention to carry out a prompt declaration, saying that There is no reason for Chosun (North Korea) to step backward when the old [conflict] system is about to fall down.

Regarding the disablement, it emphasized that North Korea will keep the approximate deadline. Additionally, Chosun Shinbo affirmed that Whether it take place under 3 or 4 party talks, Chosun and the U.S. will be involved in negotiating the declaration.

It insisted that The Leader of Chosun prepare a new negotiation structure in advance of the other related countries by suggesting 3 or 4 party summit talks. Regarding this, an affiliate of the Blue House confirmed recently that the three or four parties mentioned at the declaration of the Summit were South Korea, North Korea and the U.S.

Chosun Shinbo explained that The talks between leaders of the countries are different from the deputy secretaries talks in terms of the range and depth of policies decided. The process of the deciding policies at the summit is much faster than in other lower level talks. Some say that this is the same as sending a letter of invitation to President Bush to attend the Summit.

However from South Koreas standpoint, hastening the declaration to end of the Korean War is like throwing away the most powerful tool in leading North Korea to disable its nuclear facilities.

If the declaration to end of the War is made during the disablement phase, prior to the completion of North Korean denuclearization, Kim Jong Il will hold all the trumps and will consider North Korea to have been approved as a nuclear state.
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