KCNA Reveals Alleged Espionage Activities

Yang Jung A  |  2008-12-19 17:01
North Koreas National Security Agency (NSC) claimed on the 18th that a North Korean citizen was ordered by a South Korean intellectual organization to collect information on Kim Jong Il and to do him harm.

Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA) released the NSCs statement, saying that, (The North Korean) Mr. Lee was arrested for being ordered by the puppet states intelligence organization to attack the security of our governing body.

It denounced South Korea, saying, He illegally crossed the border earlier this year and was won over to South Chosuns side by a Southern agent, Mr. Hwang. This shows us that the Southern regime, which dares to seek to damage our governing body, is trying to commit unforgivable atrocities.

It claimed that, The enemy took him for training, helped him infiltrate our society and ordered him to collect information on our leaders schedules, routes and other activities, and later brought in audio tracing equipment and even poison.

The NSA stated that, If the enemy thinks a shield is the only weapon, it is a big mistake. We will hunt to the end of the earth those who try to aim at our revolutionary governing body and judge them harshly. It is our duty.

The news agency introduced more espionage cases. A group of spies dispatched by the puppet states espionage organization were arrested, down to the last man. Their duty was collecting nuclear-related information by gathering soil, water, leaves and dust around major munitions industry districts.

They lured a Korean-Chinese woman into collecting secret materials of the Party and the military. She tried to charm some cadres so as to escape from our country but was stopped.

The KCNA was not finished yet, continuing to list cases of attempted infiltration, Suspicion of attempts to build secret underground churches by organizing anti-revolutionary factions were exposed and destroyed. Plans to create a religious group were also broken down. They tried to entice ex-convicts and anti-revolutionary elements to defect from our country and to produce fabricated human rights abuse information materials.

The NSA announced in September that they had arrested spies and intelligence agents from foreign organizations, but the authenticity of its announcement could not been confirmed.

However, the NSCs announcement of espionage formulated by a South Korean intelligence agency is a rare case. The revelation of a collection of materials related to nuclear facilities and underground churches stands out.

Institute for National Security Strategy researcher Kim Kwang Jin said that, It seems to be to put pressure on South Korea, but also to control citizens before anything else. He explained further, They announced those cases publicly in order to make the people believe that the inter-Korea relations standstill is a logical conclusion.

He added, These days, the frequency of cases featuring the outflow of North Korean internal information is increasing, so it is to bring them to peoples attention. Revealing the case of underground churches implies intent to strengthen social regulations across the board.

He interpreted the news thus, Claiming and announcing South Korean intelligence organizations espionage activities is to show the South that North Korea does not have any intention to open a dialogue with South Korea. Therefore, it may be a kind of warning to the South, to deteriorate North-South relations.
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