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With Hwang Jang Yop

Must Not Be Elated at North Korea's Attitude

Yang Jung A  |  2009-09-03 10:52
Hwang Jang Yop, the President of the Committee for Democratization of North Korea, offered a tepid response to North Korea's current appeasement strategy towards South Korea to the Souths politicians, saying, "As long as absolute dictatorship is not abolished in the country, North Korea's strategy will not change."

President Hwang commented through a program called "Hwang Jang Yop's Democracy Lecture" on Free North Korea Broadcasting (Free NK) on the 2nd, "It is a different story if, at the very least, disarmament or autonomous operation of the market has been brought up for discussion, but at the moment, nothing has changed."

"There is no reason to become elated merely due to the fact that the atmosphere [of discussions with the North] has slightly changed. Let us not react too sensitively to the actions taken by the North," entreated Hwang.

With the North recently adopting a policy of appeasement towards South Korea such as releasing the crew of the 800 Yeonan and the detained South Korean employee from the Kaesong Industrial Complex, as well as normalizing some traffic and military communications between the two Koreas, the South Korean political elite and the media have been calling for the Lee Myung Bak administration to revise its North Korea policy to correspond with the apparent change in the North's policy. However, Hwangs comments seem to be critical these developments.

He stressed, "Only when North Korea abandons its dictatorship regime through Chinese-style reform and opening and adopts a market economy, then we can say that change has actually taken place. Getting rid of nuclear weapons can also be considered an element of North Korea's change."

However, he expressed his concern, "The North has not shown these two indications. Despite this, resuming the Mt. Geumgang tour and revitalizing the Kaesong Complex have been proposed again."

Regarding the release of the American journalists and the South Korean Hyundai Asan employee at the Kaesong Complex, he pointed out, "We were toyed around by Kim Jong Il's hostage play and ended up only elevating his value. Kim accomplished what he wanted from the beginning and besides the fact that the U.S. and South Korea became the puppets of the beat played by him, nothing has changed."

Additionally, Hwang skeptically added, regarding statements by Democratic Party Representative Chung Sye Kyun and others to the North Korean condolence delegation of their intent to visit the North, "This is a welcomed development if anyone has the confidence to meet with Kim Jong Il and bring about an actual alteration, but as of yet, no one has successfully accomplished this feat."
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