Secret Executions in a Human Biological Laboratory

Ahn Myung Chul, Former Guard of Detention Settlements  |  2006-01-23 16:39
[imText1]There is a top-secret crematory for every three or four detention settlements, where prisoners are used for biological tests, including the extraction of human fats to be used for the manufacture of cosmetics, or the dismemberment of male and female private parts for production of sexual revitalization tonics. I did not witness these atrocities personally but they were common among the security guards and drivers. This crematorium is under the operation of the 3rd Bureau, State Security Ministry. The above drawing is how I saw it when I went there one day in November 1991, with four other colleagues, after its closure.

All my colleagues believed that the 3rd Bureau was responsible for the secret executions, the study and development of torture techniques, and the operation of the human testing laboratory.

One day in May 1988, I was on night-watch duty during a bright moon night from2-4oclock in the morning. My heart stopped beating when I saw black smoke coming up for about 20minutes at around 02:30 from the 3rd Bureau valley. I then realized that I was witnessing what oldtimers talked about in whispers. When I reported it to my seargent in the morning, he nodded with a smile and said You see something. You must have been sleeping on duty if you didnt see it before. But, anyway, you better be careful about what you say because you never know when you will get shot in the back of the head.

From my guard position at Settlement No. 13, I used to watch smoke coming from the chimney at Chukki Gol over the hill at nights every other week or so. Once a villager went inside the complex in search of wild herbs. He was killed to maintain secrecy. One of my colleagues strayed in and was about to be executed when my commanding officer somehow managed to save his life. The killing field at Chukki gol was closed in May 1990 and relocated next to Hwasong Settlement, North Hankyong Province.

In June, 1989, I was selected to undergo auto – mechanic training. The training was hard but it took me to various locations inside and outside the settlement, a privilege when normal guards have no contacts with the outside world for the ten years they are in service.

Once in September, 1988, I was taking a rest at the security officers barracks with other drivers while waiting for our cars to be inspected and repaired by prisoners, when we saw two trucks from the 3rd Bureau arrive and officers from the truck gong to the security officers office.

A driver said, They are very lucky to receive special gifts from the leader every month. Another driver intervened, do you know they sleep on human mattress like Hitler? The legs and hands of woman prisoners are tied together like a raft and put a sheet on them. The guys must be worse than Hitler. Yah, they say they often fry prisoners in a big kettle boiling with oil. Every one dies in it within five minutes. They all laughed, Yah, they say women have fat one and a half times more than men. Another driver said, They are indeed merciless guys, killing humans like they kill a fly. See they extract muscles from human body to make a whip. The nerve of them! How can they do it without getting drunk? Thats why they are getting special rations every month. They always undress woman prisoners for fun. Another driver said. Yes, I heard them saying that they extract human fats by rolling a drum like you do to extract pigs oil. The human fat is used to make special cosmetics for the Leader. And one of them told me that when extracting human blood from prisoners hanging upside down, women produce more blood than man. All the drivers were half resentful and half envious of them. Suddenly, one of them cautioned, Hey, look, we better not talk too much. Then, every one was quiet.
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