NK to 'Reconsider' Upcoming Inter-Korean Talks

Lee Sang Yong  |  2014-10-27 16:08

Citing the South Korean governments response to Saturdays leaflet launch by a private activist group, the North Korean National Defense Commission announced its reconsideration of plans for a second round of high-level talks between the two Koreas. The message came on October 26th and was verified on October 27th.

North Korea conveyed the message through the military communications line on the west coast and the Blue House Office of National Security received the transcript , the Ministry of Unification revealed in a statement.

These second thoughts were brought on by the South Korean governments failure to intervene and stop the cross-border daytime launch of anti-regime leaflets last Saturday in Paju by a private organization in the South. Due to public safety concerns after citizens clashed with the activists police cancelled the event, but many of the leaflet organization's members succeeded in launching the balloons containing the leaflets from the Gimpo area at night instead.

You have showed us that you blatantly disregard consideration for our demands that intended to improve relations between North and South Korea, the message stated. We will have to think about if high-level talks can take place in this climate.

This is expected to be employed by the North as pretext for why it does not support the second rounds of inter-Korean talks scheduled for October 30th.

The fact remains that there is no legal basis for government intervention in the activities of these civic groups, South Koreas Office of National Security responded on the same day. "North Korea should clarify its stance on the second round of high-level talks the South and North have already agreed on and what its position is on the time and venue that we have proposed.

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