Panel of international experts leads the charge for freedom of information in North Korea

Kim Ga Young  |  2017-04-21 15:59
The stated mission of International Solidarity for Freedom of Information in North Korea (ISFINK) is to help North Korean residents secure access to outside information. The organization is hosting a panel of international experts to explore realistic practices to advance the cause of freedom of information in North Korea. 

ISFINK is inviting North Korean human rights activists, researchers specializing in North Korea, IT experts, and other analysts to join the panel and discuss safe, efficient methods to improve access to outside information for North Korean residents. 

Confirmed participants on the panel include Greg Scarlatoiu (Executive Director of The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea), Kim Won Ho (senior researcher at the US-Korea Institute at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies), Nathaniel Kretchun (lead Asia researcher at InterMedia), Benedict Rogers (East Asia team leader at Christian Solidarity Worldwide), Florian Grunow (IT security expert at ERNW) and Svetlana Gannushkina (member of the renowned Russian human rights organization Memorial). 

Realizing freedom of information in North Korea is a prerequisite step to solve North Koreas nuclear and human rights issues, noted Kang Shin Sam, co-head of ISFINK. "This will be an arduous but not impossible process if there is enough mutual acknowledgement of the importance of bringing freedom of information to North Korea. 

ISFINKs panel of experts will explore realistic measures that can be implemented through both open and closed conferences that will take place during the event. 

Kang plans to visit the United States to meet with U.S North Korea experts who will be participating in the expert panel. He will also deliver letters of appointment and discuss the current state of information dissemination in North Korea, and propose a new direction for action to the U.S Congress and at a seminar hosted by John Hopkins University during his 5-day visit commencing on April 23rd.  

Over the last year, ISFINK has hosted a number of international symposiums and conferences aimed at promoting freedom of information in North Korea. One noteworthy event was a successful international symposium involving human rights activists who have previously participated in human rights campaigns against military regimes in countries including Romania and Tunisia. 

*Translated by Suki Son
*Edited by Lee Farrand

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