Authorities order emergency security against 'invaders' during Trump visit

Kang Mi Jin  |  2017-11-13 10:43
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North Korean law enforcement bodies and Border Security Command have reportedly been called up for emergency duty as US President Donald Trump visits South Korea this week. 
"Emergency People's Unit (inminban, a type of neighborhood watch) meetings addressing Trump's visit to South Korea were suddenly called late yesterday after dinner. Residents had to report to the Ministry of Peoples Security (MPS) how many members were staying in each household under their jurisdiction. They were also informed that movement of the so-called floating (itinerant) population would be severely restricted," a source in Ryanggang Province informed Daily NK on November 7.
"This information was disseminated through various official law enforcement and judicial organization meetings this morning as well. Everyone is being urged to step up security due to the belief that, using Trump's visit as an opportunity, South Korean special forces may attempt to infiltrate the North through the border with China."
According to the source, soldiers near the border, Border Security Forces, civil defense forces, security forces, and police have all been ordered to mobilize for emergency duty in line with the instructions. People's Units have also been ordered to organize around-the-clock surveillance units to guard against potential invaders. 
"All units and government organs this morning were instructed to submit new documents detailing their tracking of itinerant residents under their remit and Ministry of State Security and MPS personnel are initiating joint surveillance of residents known to frequently move to different regions for work," the source continued. 

"But there are many who are irritated, even openly criticizing the government's actions [among trusted circles]. People are quite vehemently opposing the topic of the meetings, saying things like, 'I thought they would be waking us up for a good reason, but of course it's just another meeting about a special security crackdown,' and, 'If (the authorities) keep disrupting our lives like this, everyone is just going to escape (defect).'" 
A source in North Hamgyong Province added, The authorities have access to so much outside information they even know when the American president is coming to South Korea, but if we knew that wed be labeled as spies. When the central powers do that its regime security. All the other residents around nodded knowingly and even the inminban head couldnt think of an appropriate reply." 
Ordinary people are not concerned in the slightest by the arrival of the American president. They only want to know about improving North-South relations and easing of trade sanctions, she said.

*Translated by Colin Zwirko

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