North Korean authorities begin workplace lectures covering inter-Korean summit

Kim Yoo Jin  |  2018-05-04 17:15

The North Korean authorities have been espousing the greatness of Kim Jong Un at workplaces across the country following last Friday's inter-Korean summit, sources have informed Daily NK. 

"The authorities delivered a lecture at work on April 30 lauding 'the Great Leader Comrade's fearless, courageous decision to hold the [inter-Korean summit]," a source in South Hamgyong Province said on May 2. "A low-level Party official ordered every single worker attend, and then proceeded with the lecture himself."

According to the source, the Party official, holding the orders in one hand and a picture of Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In taken at the summit in the other, told the group that "the summit will go down in history."

The Party official reportedly spent the entire day of April 28 – the day after the summit – in a meeting receiving official orders from the government regarding the style of propaganda to be disseminated to residents. 

"The cadre only mentioned 'denuclearization' once, and did not elaborate or explain its meaning," he said. "But he talked a lot about economic development, and stressed at length the 'success' of the summit."

"The cadre repeatedly called it 'a victory arising from the sleepless nights of the Supreme Leader,' urging us to 'stand together strong' and 'work harder to repay [Kim Jong Un].'"

The latest revelation suggests that the regime is seeking to emphasize Kim Jong Un's diplomatic prowess to boost national unity. 

"Its similar to when Kim Jong Il secured food aid from South Korea and the UN in 2000, and the authorities claimed in propaganda that it was 'rice received from winning the struggle against our enemies,'" a source in North Hamgyong Province explained.

He also described the reactions of the workers attending a similar lecture in his region, saying that "everyone paid close attention" with keen interest in information regarding improving relations with South Korea, leaving the room "so quiet, you could hear a pin drop."

"Saying that it was 'a shame' that a lot of the workers couldn't see video of the summit (on state TV) due to electricity shortages, they promised to 'soon show a commemorative film' (of the summit) at the factory," the North Hamgyong Province-based source said, suggesting that other summit-related propaganda activities would take place as well.

Students have also become a primary target for summit-related propaganda in recent days, a separate source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK.

"There have been coordinated efforts for teachers to carry out lectures about the summit at middle schools across Ryanggang Province. Some kids have allegedly reacted by merrily chanting, 'Unification! Unification!"

*Translated by Colin Zwirko

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