North Korean authorities form new group to block foreign influence

Ha Yoon Ah  |  2018-05-09 17:06
After the April 27 Moon-Kim Summit, an inspection unit has been formed by the North Korean authorities with the pretext of blocking capitalist phenomenon, tasked with conducting wide scale crackdowns.  

During a telephone call with Daily NK on May 4, an inside source from South Pyongan Province said, The unit (tasked with rooting out 'anti-socialist' activity) was formed by the central authorities and has become quite active recently. The unit is evaluating people's clothes and hairdos, engaging in fierce reprimands.

There are units sent down to the provincial level from the Central Party authorities, the source explained. Within the provincial level, there are units formed within the regional Peoples Committees Ministry of State Security offices, police stations, and legal offices. They have all been given licenses to conduct censorship. On a white piece of paper, 20 centimeters by 10 centimeters, is red writing that permits the holder to engage in crackdowns against any type of antisocial behavior.    

The "anti-socialist unit" located within the Central Party has nearly unlimited authority to question the residents appearance and control the spread of capitalism thinking and trends. They are not just evaluating individuals. They are also observing the goods produced by enterprises and severely cracking down, according to a source in North Pyongan Province.

This unit very carefully inspects all the contents of ones bags and belongings. If there are any illegal items found, they are unconditionally confiscated. For example, if someone has a tire that cant be produced in North Korea, the unit officers will ask, where did you get this? Or, where are you sending this? If you dont have a receipt or an invoice, it is considered illegal and confiscated," he said.

If personal or corporate property has foreign language writing on it, it is judged to be "anti-socialist" and can therefore be confiscated. 

The Party has invested the unit with wide authorities, giving it the power to go into the markets and the factory enterprises. But they technically cant go into private homes unless people report suspicious activity first, the North Pyongan Province-based source explained.

He added that before the units became active, notices were handed down that said, If anyone is detected with the following, they must be unconditionally reported: clothing that's not in our style, hairdos that aren't in our style, foreign songs, and language that is not ours. 
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