[Photos] Sections of the Amnok River near Dandong, China, blocked with barbed wire fence

Ha Yoon Ah  |  2018-05-11 13:05

It has been reported that barbed wire fences have been installed in areas of the Amnok (Yalu) River area near Dandong, Liaoning Province. The fences have sprung up in a sparsely-populated area of the river and are thought to be aimed at deterring smuggling between North Korea and China.

I can confirm that since the end of last month there has been a barbed wire fence along the upper region of the Amnok River. Accordingly, several cruise lines in that area have been forced to suspend business operations,"a source in China close to North Korean affairs stated in a conversation with Daily NK on the May 9.
The area mentioned by Daily NKs source is a rarely-traveled region far away from the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge. 

Cruise lines that primarily deal with tourists are known to have been engaging in illegal trade with North Korea to make extra money.

Another source in the area said, The barbed wire isnt set up near the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, so cruise lines should be able to continue operating there. The barbed wire fence appears to instead be set up along unfrequented areas in order to block smuggling activities.

*Translated by Brian Boyle

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